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May 22nd: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE WORKSHOP - Steal the Secret of Innovation

We accomplished more in one day, than we would have in three weeks

The Heist, an immersive team communication scenario

Disruptive Learning Content is more agile, challenging, demanding, delivers a higher learning performance, less expensive and more effective than traditional e-learning or classroom training


The Heist, an immersive team communication scenario



PROBTP is an Insurance business focussed on Health, Construction, Pensions and Savings. The Training and professional services Department delivers key programmes to over 3500 employees and partners



Launch a unique team communication scenario to enable a team of professional trainers to work together more efficiently and effectively using new tools and techniques



  • Major improvements in agile management communication skills to drive innovation, creativity and problem solving skills
  • Major improvements in team planning and objective setting
  • Major improvements in confidence and risk taking
  • Major improvements in team moral and team spirit
  • Team owns skill matrix development process




Co-create, developed and delivered in 6 weeks (to Alpha) an immersive learning team scenario based on the principles of a Heist. A 40 min simulation that requires the teams to understand the key objectives, choose key roles, plan and execute and review. The game design is very challenging and includes a serious of major obstacles that forces the team to review how they communicate and share information. Using a disruptive learning scorecard (skills matrix) to identify key metrics for team communication enables each participant to diagnose their skill gaps and accelerate their learning

The Heist, an immersive team communication scenario

Next generation communication and collaboration training scenario