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May 22nd: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE WORKSHOP - Steal the Secret of Innovation

deliver Business Change with Scalable Disruptive Learning Solutions

Disruptive learning produces the highest ROI among methods of digital learning and development for businesses

Disruptive Learning Solutions

3 Ways to Empower your Workforce and Re-invent Human Resources

Disruptive learning scenarios

Deliver business change with scalable world class business scenarios

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Disruptive learning solutions

Co-create innovative solutions with our expert team that offer the business ways to bridge key workforce capability gaps

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Disruptive learning technologies

Explore new innovative methods for leveraging new technologies in ways that enhance learning and organisational performance

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Customer success stories

Interview of Jean-François Izambert

Simulation AC avec PRO BTP

Working with Disruptive Learning Content PROBTP has co-created new training scenarios and implemented a « train the trainer » disruptive coaching pedagogy

THE HEIST: A Team Based Business Communication Simulation

Built in 6 weeks from concept to Alpha, The Heist was designed as a Team Communication Scenario for Disruptive Learning « train the trainer » Programmes

CONQUEST: A Team Based Collaboration Simulation

Team vs Team competitive scenario designed to accelerate the collaborative skills and focused mindset required to succeed through innovation and creativity