CONQUEST - Disruptive Learning Solutions
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Discover CinQ, Esports for Digital Leadership

Developing the next generation leaders and teams e-sport leadership and teamwork training scenario

Conquest, E-sport leadership and teamwork training

Disruptive Learning Content is more agile, challenging, demanding, delivers a higher learning performance, less expensive and more effective than traditional e-learning or classroom training


Conquest, E-sport leadership and teamwork training

Next generation leadership and teamwork training for business executives to develop key leadership and teamwork skills


Leadership Scenario Challenge


Two teams compete to capture a special object. Whichever team does it three times wins. The scenario is based on « capture the flag » principles



  • Major improvements in Leadership
  • Learn to work as a Team
  • Develop disruptive innovation skills
  • Train decision making skills
  • Learn to take risks
  • Develop agile thinking and complex problem solving skills
  • Learn to coach, facilitation and feed back skills
  • Develop key skills in new technologies

Conquest, E-sport leadership and teamwork training

Next generation communication and collaboration training scenario