Company - Disruptive Learning Solutions
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Discover CinQ, Esports for Digital Leadership

Our Story

Disruptive Learning Solutions is an award winning team.
Our strength comes from the way we have integrated our experiences of working in innovation, collaboration, learning and coaching with 3D technology to create virtual training solutions.
We have worked with PRO BTP, Laureate Education, Royal Dutch Shell, Computer Science Corporation, Philips Design, Philips Healthcare and a range of other clients.
We help organizations use new technologies to cut training costs and rapidly deploy new skills into their business.


Our experience has been forged by combining new technologies and our understanding of innovation, learning, culture, complex problem solving and hard core gaming into a unique set of Disruptive learning products and services. We believe Human Resource teams should invest in Disruptive Learning Content which is agile, challenging, demanding and focused on higher learning performance and less expensive and more effective than traditional training.


We see business as a contact sport. There are winners and losers. And that is a tough message for many people. But it is a fact. We see disruptive learning as an important training support to make HRD relevant in the fight to helping both you and the business to win. We believe Disruptive learning is the means by which you stay ahead of the curve of future trends in a marketplace based on creativity, collaboration, disruptive innovation and technological evolution.

Turning Lead into gold


Our experience comes from the coalface. From designing and co-creating complex learning solutions with clients addressing immediate business needs. Learn why we think decision making is a skill and can be trained.

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