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Discover CinQ, Esports for Digital Leadership

Off the shelf or made to

order training scenarios

Today’s training, talent and development professionals

require faster and more innovative solutions to meet the

demands of the next gen business


Next Gen Culture & Engagement


Harness exciting new technology and virtual reality programmes to release the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of your people.


Design and quickly implement multiple training scenarios or use our turnkey training scenarios to re-engage your people, develop agile and innovative thinking skills , interpersonal and  communication skills and multidisciplinary and multicultural skills.


Disruptive learning scenarios  develop the digital business skills and competitive mindset necessary for your next generation business to move forward.

Next Gen Leadership e-sport



Develop your next gen leaders through e-sport competitive leadership and teamwork scenarios.

Breakout of passive mindsets, experiment with ideas, learn to take risks, experience the impact of decisions.

Allow leadership and teamwork skills to emerge, completely shaped and owned by the interaction of the people in the competitive training scenario. These skills are immediately transferable to the workplace.


Next Gen Learning & Development


Meet the demands of the business for skills training, stay up to date with future technological trends, and deliver real competitive advantage to the business whilst managing costs


• In 6 weeks (from conception to alpha test) we built and delivered a virtual reality team based communication scenario on a mobile platform for our client


• In 12 weeks we designed, developed and delivered a management assessment training scenario (EP) for 850 French managers


Business Development, Key Accounts, Management Assessments, Crisis Management are just some of the training scenarios that we have completed and delivered or are under development.