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An immersive selling scenario dedicated to Sales Department employees to prepare for selling new products

Next Generation Sales Development Training Scenario

Easily customisable simulation for specific needs of sales development


Next generation sales development training scenario



Train 200 sales employees to manage the selling process of new products.


  • Test and improve knowledge
  • Practice realistic situations
  • Follow all steps of selling process
  • Take risk without prejudice.



Co-created, developped and delivered to its final version in less than 4 months.
A 40 minutes simulation to engage the participant in a selling process and interview in order to practice and improve his selling knowledge and skills.


With a conversation system enabling to simulate realistic situations between salesman and several interloculors, the participant is learning how to behave appropriately in the several steps of a selling process. He acquires experience and best practices for managing selling interviews with the target of success.

Sales Skills, Next Generation Sales Development

Next generation communication and collaboration training scenario