Heist Level 2 - Disruptive Learning Solutions
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May 22nd: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE WORKSHOP - Steal the Secret of Innovation

Challenging communication team immersive scenario that delivers tangible business results

The Heist – an immersive team communication scenario


We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Einstein


Quickly implement and deliver an exciting, immersive and challenging team communication scenario.

Use the virtual environment to practice and deepen key tools and techniques.

Teams can practice-and practice-risk free.

Giving corrective feedback at the point of error.

Customise communication skills scorecard to map out team gap analysis.

Measure and optimize performance collectively.

Create Team Excitement


Ask yourself the question when was the last time you were excited about doing a training course. Create a company buzz and use the communication scenario “The Heist” to positively engage with participants in a disruptive learning process.

Drive Innovation


Accelerate learning through the use of disruptive learning tools, techniques and processes that radically speed up the process of planning, complex problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and execution of projects.

Control The Environment


You can control the scenario to manage the appropriate level of difficulty, easy-normal-hard, for participants as they navigate the simulation content. You can stop- start-repeat scenario milestones to give feedback and manage the teams performance.

Develop Transferable Skills


Taking risks. Making mistakes. Managing conflict. Problem solving. This immersive scenario is also an emotional setting that is a testing ground of your teams capabilities. Solving the scenario results in the development of emotional intelligence, social skills, teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills which are real and tangible assets for the business.

Project Objective


The objective of The Heist is for the 5 team members of the Black Swan team to retrieve the secret formula for The Circles’ Inc. well-being drugs programme from their vault based in a underground laboratory.

The scenario challenge is for one member of the team (the planner) to guide the other 4 members through the security systems of the factory, avoiding the electronic surveillance obstacles, guards, drones and patrols to get into the vault to secure the asset and escape.

The team planner has access via a touch screen to The Circle laboratory CCTV and uses this information to collaborate with the team to achieve the scenario goal.

The Briefing Pack


The team receive an in role briefing, setting the scene and objectives from the DLS Coach, and online/hard copy executive briefing pack with a complete description of the scenario, maps, photos and explanation of the 5 roles (planner, two hackers, a technician and an acrobat).

4 Key Stages


The Heist is broken into 4 key stages:

  • goal and recruitment,
  • planning and preparation,
  • execution,
  • escape and review.
Venting system
Drone pic