Entretien professionnel Level 2 - Disruptive Learning Solutions
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Discover CinQ, Esports for Digital Leadership

Next Generation Management Training Scenario. Agile management training scenario to train executives in EP


Get challenging EP management training immersive scenario that delivers tangible business results


Massively deploy custom scenario for any professionnal knowledge in the company.

The virtual environment immerses the participant into a realistic situation to practice, and get immediate feedback on his performance.

In this scenario, users can quickly learn the  legal knowledge to lead this specific interview.

The use of the virtual environment enables the users to practice a realistic meeting, with a various unpredictable situations, leading them to experiment without risk

Intelligent Q/R system

The dialogs are created with the company’s experts to get a realistic content. They are designed in a decision tree algorithm, so the choices made by the participant can have an immediate or a later consequence to the result (as a success or a failure) of the simulation.

Unpredictable situations


To have a realistic behavior, each run of the simulation gives a different content and discussion. The participant experiences a new situation each time.

Go fast between specification and deployment


EP was built as a reusable template in order to quickly design new solutions matching your specific requirements. The delivery of your specific solution can be released several weeks after being co-designed between your company’s experts and Disruptive Learning Solutions team.
The development process includes intermediate deliveries that take account of your feedbacks on previous releases.



Each run of the simulation generates an history of the dialogues and choices that have been made by the participant, enabling the analysis of his improvements along several trainings.