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 Video Game Template

You Help Design a Video Game, We Build It

We design a game template together
You bring your domain, expertise
We transform the template into an online corporate video game
You get a discount upon release*

Custom Video Game

Together we Design a Custom Video Game

We design a video game template and customize it to your specific business needs
Our team produces the video game to your specifications
You can deploy the video game internally or through an online platform
You get a discount upon release*

Learning 4.0 – Video game Learning Systems

Corporate Video Game Target Content

 Video Game Template

 Custom Video Game

3 reasons to attend the video game sprint workshop

Video Game Design Sprint Workshop Process

7 Benefits of Video Game Training

Train any time, anywhere, anyplace

Scenario training systems can be accessed 7 x 24 at different locations

Train in less time… for less expense

The intensity of scenario training systems compresses time such that 1 training day is worth weeks on the job experience

Practice – Practice until it is second nature

Teams and individuals can start, stop, repeat, and replay the scenario as many times as necessary

Permits participants to make and learn from mistakes without risk

Sessions can be recorded, replayed and reviewed, allowing performance evaluation and feedback

Prepare to deal with all types of situations and circumstances

Gain a depth of experience and knowledge you cannot get any other way. Simply stated, Scenario training, while confronting challenging situations and obstacles, gives you that advantage

Prepare to respond to challenges before you meet them

It is always the unpredictable that challenges most participants during critical decision making. As the scenario simulation difficulty increases, practicing the setting of priorities and experiencing how you choose to exercise your judgement as a leader or part of a team will reveal strengths and areas where additional focus is required

Scenarios can be designed to meet specific learning objectives

Training scenarios can capture or represent a range of business problems more readily for the learner than otherwise having to wait for a real encounter. Such simulations will give learners exposure and practical experience of difficult decision making situations and ensure a level of preparedness for the real world



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4 Steps to Register for your Video Game Design Sprint Workshop

    Step 1 - Tell us about yourself

    Step 2 - Please give us 3 dates when we could have a chat with you

    Step 3 - Pick the template that's right for you

    Step 4 - Click on your chosen scenario