Selling skills Level 2 - Disruptive Learning Solutions
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Next Generation Sales Development


Agile sales training scenario to support new product launch knowledge and skills


Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.
— Einstein

An immersive one player selling scenario dedicated to Sales Department. Use this scenario to practice and heighten selling knowledge and skills to help your Sales Department members to prepare for selling new and innovative products. The participant can try, analyse, try again, improve his skills each time.

Create player excitement


Ask yourself the question: when was the last time you were excited about doing a training course?

A realistic environment and interactions with virtual characters engage the participants to don the mantle of an actual salesman and act as if he were following a real selling process.

Conversation driven learning experience


During each step of the scenario, the participant meets personnel from the company.
A conversation mode enables to deliver information that is relevant or not for the next step.
Some conversations are driven by the interlocutor and some by the participant.
Depending on the answers chosen, the interlocutor can orientate properly or trick the participant.
The choices followed by the player determines the success of failure of the selling journey.

Project objective


The objective of the scenario is to put a Sales member in a selling situation, from preparing his meeting, finding the relevant persons in the targeted company, listening to client’s requirements, proposing a consistent product accordingly to the client’s needs and eventually conclude the selling.

2 key stages


The story is composed of 2 main parts : the preparation of the sales process in player’s company and the selling meeting in client’s company.